Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hermès Twilly

As a farewell gift, my boss gave me a beautiful Hermès Twilly. The pattern of my silk scarf matches the color scheme in the first image below (isn't it lovely?!) - stay tuned to my Instagram for a picture of my my new accessory! 
The Twilly is a petite Hermes scarf, the perfect accessory to subtly add a splash to your outfits. You can tie around your neck as little neck tie, add to a handbag, weave through your hair, loop around your wrist - and many more! See the guide below of different Twilly tie ideas - I will probably wear on my wrist for most occasions. 
At $180, it's still a pricy accessory, but far more reasonable than other Hermes scarves, some of which are thousands of dollars, like Les Leopards Oiseaux Fleuris.
Even if you won't be buying a Hermès anytime soon, I still recommend exploring their website
Last year they expertly crafted a new online shop and it's utterly divine! 

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