Thursday, April 18, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Birdaria

I arrived back home this week and have spent countless hours reorganizing my room. It is definitely the season for spring cleaning. Even though we all might be busy dusting, vacuuming, and making many trips to the trash cans, isn't it such a great feeling to have your home refreshed?
Sometimes you find that you've made the perfect spade space for an addition to your home decorating. 
Maybe a tray, pillow, or painting would make this area pop?

The perfect place to explore is Birdaria! If you are looking to make your interiors a little extra festive, at an affordable price...this is the place to go. Birdaria was founded a year ago with the intentions of providing home owners an opportunity to add a little more life in their house. With bright colors, bold patterns, and sophisticated and clean designs; Birdaria has a great selection. 

Liz, the founded explains her inspiration for Birdaria:
"I'd come home on the weekends, eager for an outlet to be creative and style my home. I desired a wall decor source; unexpected-chic-inspiring. Graphics and irreverence to reflect in my interior and the modern me...the Oprah fanatic, lover of high quality, uniquely beautiful things and a passion for pattern & bold color".

She succeeds in creating art that reflects her desires, while also being affordable. 

All of her work can be customized with quotes, monograms, or colors. 

Check out some of my favorites below:

Also, Birdaria just kicked off a spring collection of place-mats! How adorable are these for your outdoor patio furniture?!

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  1. We are so inspired by Twirling Care and the fabulous finds that make life sparkle! We are humbled by the mention! LOVE & GRATITUDE


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