Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tourist Tuesday

I am back on track with my Tueaday posting!

This past week was exceptionally fun and I am excited to tell you all about it and share a small collection of my photos. Last Monday I flew from Spain to Nice where I met up with my mom and Grandpa, who came to join me for the last leg of my trip...although I am pretty sure it was just to make sure I come home to the states:)
Nice was the perfect place to be stationed because we were in between so many fabulous places to site- see along the French Riviera including Cannes, Antibes, and Monaco/Monte Carlo. It is relatively easy to get from each city by taking the buses that run several times each hour for only one euro. In each of the cities we explored some of the highlights including art museums, aquariums, palaces, and famous casinos. Of course, the crystal blue Mediterrean was enough of a show stopper! We spent two days strictly in Nice visiting the local market, walking the boardwalk, and going to the Matisse and Chagall museums. We visited the Negresco and had a wonderful dinner near-by celebrating our last night in the city.

We left Friday for Dijon which is known for it's phenomenal culinary arts. Home to Burgundy wines, Dijon mustard and countless other cuisines, the food was remarkable. The city was easily walkable with lots of routes mapped for visitors. The architecture was incredibly rich in detail and heritage, reminding me a lot of German-esque influences contrary to the style I was accustom to in SW France. We spent all day Sarurday on a tour and wine tasting exploring the local villages and vineyards and trying some fabulous wines! We had a little stop around Beaune at the close of our wine tasting. On Sunday I walked down by the city canals after attending morning mass and the made a visit to the Dijon Art Museum. I accidentally didn't communicate properly with my mom so I got in a bit of trouble as I wandered the city while she waited frantically in the hotel lobby for me (for almost 3 hours). I received a phone call from my dad making sure I hadn't been 'taken'. I bought mustard and pastries (not to be eaten together) as peace offerings...all was resolved.

Now I am in the fabuous city of Paris! Stay tuned on Instagram for all of magnificence in the magical city. I'll feature a photo collection next week on the blog!


even on a cloudy day, the water is perfectly blue!

antiquing, goodies galore!

the negresco celebrates 100 years

chagall's museum

matisse's museum


grace kelly

picasso museum


the famous french wines you've heard all about...well here is what the vineyards from Bordeaux to Burgundy really look like this time of year. 

i could spend every sunday afternoon at an art museum

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