Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tourist Thursday

I had a whirlwind week of traveling visiting friends from school and exploring different places throughout France...including a special excursion to Seville, Spain. 

My friend Diane, is teaching in a Millau, a small town in south France, and I had the pleasure of staying with her for a couple of days. The closest (major) city is Toulouse and Millau is a four hour train ride away, quite an interesting ride! It is a picturesque village set in a valley and home to many recreational sports lovers. It also boasts the world's largest bridge, in some category...
I loved spending the days walking around the city, chatting in cafes, and making dinner. With shopping at the market, afternoon picnics, evening theatre, and endless treats, it was a superb trip. AND Diane couldn't have been a better host!

After leaving Millau, I spent an afternoon in Toulouse waiting for my evening flight to leave for Seville. Toulouse was a beautiful city and I grabbed a map and walked all around, despite the drizzles. There were so many fabulous gardens and I loved seeing the river and canals framing the city. 

I arrived in Seville Thursday evening and couldn't have been more excited to celebrate the Easter weekend, Semana Santa style. Seville was absolutely stunning and probably one of my favorite cities to date. The landmarks were tremendous, especially Plaza de Espana and the surrounding gardens. Elizabeth showed me all of her favorite eateries which included tapas, churros con chocolate, and more.  ...she was a perfect tour guide! We came across many processions for the Semana Santa festivites that would weave their way around the city for hours on end. 
My favorite part of the adventure was seeing all of the impeccably dressed Spaniards. It was a fashion show throughout the streets of Seville! Even the toddlers were wearing Burberry and Barbour. I have decided that one of the best compliments I could ever receive (in terms of style) was that I dressed like a Spanish woman during Semana Santa! 

Thanks, as always, for keeping up with my adventures!





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  1. Ahh YAY!! Love all the photos. Makes me want to visit there again. Thank you for sharing :)
    Looks like you had great traveling weather!


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