Monday, April 22, 2013

grass inspired

Happy Earth Day! 
In honor of the "go green" celebration, I am inspired by the color of the day. 
The easiest way to Be Green is to Think Green.

In high school I really took on an eco-friendly lifestyle, my dad even bought me a coffee table book with 365 days of environmental pictures and tips to conserve the natural climate around us. I recycled everything, used a lunch box, ate super healthy; and then college came. 

When I was in college a lot of those things fell apart. I went to a liberal arts school so we definitely had environmental activists on campus (in fact we had a house devoted to them, the tree house) so there was a lot of bike riding, compost piles, Earth dances, and lunch rooms with recyclable plates & utensils. However, the typical extent of my eco-friendliness was walking down the hall each week to recycle wine bottles. 

Now that I am finished with school, I am back on a kick to reduce my carbon footprint. I am eating better, using less waste, and hope that this and many other things continue! What better motivation for Earth Day?

Here's to a greener lifestyle, toodles!

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