Monday, January 13, 2014

A real J.Crew wedding

Rarely do I post wedding images on Twirling Clare. But I came across this shoot on Refinery 29 and just had to share. So many weddings now are one beautiful feature after another on Style Me Pretty. They are gorgeous, even breathtaking; it's obvious that so much time, energy, and expenses went in to creating the magical evening for a couple's happily ever after. However, I sometimes feel that you lose sight of the couple, the people behind the celebration. You see the flowers, the table settings, the lanterns, the cake...but after awhile they all start looking the same. I don't intend to sound stupid - there is only so much diversity you can have in a wedding. But I do wish more of these weddings had authenticity, character, realness. And cowboy boots DON'T cut it. 
These photos appear to capture that one-of-a-kind magic. I see a story, a relationship...I see their characters alive in the photos and the surroundings. These photos allow to connect with the couple and see their spirit come alive. In the pomp and glamour of weddings, I think it's worth taking a few minutes to make sure your own spirit comes alive. 

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  1. The wedding looks simply real, beautiful and elegant. All the pictures are beautiful. Having a perfect wedding needs a lot of planning and hard work from deciding its venue up to the wedding invitation. All the planning needs to go in order for a perfect wedding.


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