Friday, January 31, 2014

Build a Classic Wardrobe

Taking cues from the style greats!  
It is so easy to get lost in trends, and I feel better and more confident with my style by dismissing them altogether. Well, I guess that is a bit dramatic. I do own peplum, booties, and a couple of other items...but I prefer to style them my own way, tending to embrace a more classic route. I believe that if you want to consistently look stylish, you need to look back to the icons - wear their go-to pieces and pair them with your own flair. Seek the timeless. 
To create a timeless wardrobe, begin your collection with the foundational pieces; ones you can wear everyday and still look great. Think about it. How often to you see street styles images of women wearing their favorite denim, a white blouse, ballet flats, and a trench? If you ever explore my tumblr board - it's a frequent occurrence! 
In fact, it really can be quite easy to become totally chic! See below a collection of style icons sporting some of there trusted go-to pieces. Take their advice...and start creating your most stylish self. 

Audrey Hepurn - ballet flats

Brigitte Bardot - denim

Elizabeth Taylor - white blouse

Jackie Kennedy - the classic bag

Jane Birkin - trench coat

Jean Seaberg - breton striped tee

Jean Shrimpton - black dress

Kate Moss - black blazer

Princess Diana - equestrian boot

Twiggy - the white tee

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