Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Buy Vintage Clothing

I LOVE vintage shopping. Delaware, OH - the small town where Ohio Wesleyan was located - had about a half-dozen vintage shops. There were a number of Saturdays that I would disappear from campus and spend the day wandering throughout the town and exploring the vintage shops. My weekend shopping led to some remarkable finds including: a classic Louis Vuitton purse, a fabulous 1960s inspired dress, and the most wonderful fur coat. Talk about successful shopping trips! I think my parents thought I was a little crazy when I'd arrive home over breaks with my new wardrobe pieces in tow...especially that fur.
I enjoy wearing unique pieces that I won't be able to find other people wearing. I also have a classic style that I love to dress-up with festive pieces. It leads me to often think I should have been born in another generation, which makes shopping for circa 1960s attire so much fun! That said, my dress code isn't always the most practical as I tend to find an opera coat to be just as practical as many people would find jeans. 

Do you like vintage shopping? Any good finds? Let me know - I'm so interested to hear!!

If you haven't shopped vintage before, I came across this guide on how to buy vintage clothing. 
See the complete article on Style Caster.

1. Know the difference between vintage and thrift - "you may find great vintage pieces in a thrift shop, but you won't find thrift pieces in a vintage store."
2. Start with a classic - a classic black dress or a beaded cardigan are alway safe starter pieces
3. It's not size that matters, but undergarments - sizing standards have changed throughout the decades, but not as much as ladies undergarment styles. 
4. Know your eras - the easiest (and most wearable pieces) are ones from the 1960s to now. You don't want to look too costume-y
5. Why buy vintage vs. new - most older garments are made better than clothing today.
6. Do your research if you're looking to spend - vintage investment is best left to the truly educated
7. Tailor it - don't be afraid to spend the extra money to make sure the piece fits your figure
8. Feel the fabric - make sure the fabric is in good condition. You'd hate for a piece you fell in love with to fall apart on you
9. Say no to plastic - do not leave vintage garments in plastic bags

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