Friday, February 21, 2014

the umbrella shop

While flipping through the New York Times Style Magazine during the holidays, I discovered the prestigious Umbrella Shop. I was charmed almost to the point that spending $350 on rain-gear seemed reasonable. I mean, a taffeta umbrella?? It's like a cocktail attire to dress-up the most miserable days. It sounds just marvelous. 

Read the magazine's recap below and explore the company website to umbrella shop! 

"For those who think an umbrella is just a piece of future detritus to be picked up outside a subway, abused and then sent to its grave in a trash bin, Michel Heurtault begs to differ. The pieces in his bespoke umbrella and parasol atelier in the Viaduc des Arts are like jewelry and are made to last. Entry level models, starting at about $350, are hand-stitched out of waterproof silk taffeta, each seam backed up with an additional strip of fabric for total impermeability. The range of handles includes vintage Bakelite, antique carved ivory, cocobolo, and lacquered wood. One model, made from black and white silk panels, tops a Macassar ebony trumpet handle with a sterling silver medallion studded with black diamonds. Heurtault goes all-out on parasols, and his handiwork will soon shade the milky skin of Mia Wasikowska in an adaptation of "Madame Bovary." 
Each piece is as much a pleasure to hold as to behold."

Visit the site

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