Monday, February 24, 2014

Bill Cunningham

The man who captures New York. 
The 84 year old photographer has trekked the streets of New York for decades, taking pictures of the people of city - not always the most fashionable or stylish, but those who happen to attract his fancy of the day. His rich expertise and passion for the fashion industry has produced work that is both representative of the avant-garde and the bourgeois. 
After dropping out of Harvard in 1948, he moved to the big city and began contributing to the fashion world. It was an impromptu shot of Greta Garbo that secured the publication of his first collection of photos in the New York Times. The year was 1978 and his series has been a regular Times feature ever since. 
While working for Women's Wear Daily in the 1960s, Cunningham recalled when he fell in love with the streets. He was attending a fashion show when he heard commotion outside, to see the excitement, he left the show and found a home on the curb. He has found himself there ever since, documenting the moments, the people, the city. 

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