Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Framing scarves

I have been on an interior decorating kick the past couple of days. I keep thinking of how I would design a home (despite the fact I am only occupying a bedroom, bathroom and closet in my parents' home...) and have been experiencing homeowner wanderlust, toying around with different colors, fabrics, patterns, etc. 
Sometimes I think of redecorating actual houses I've been in, other times I'll just spot a chair, painting or another statement piece and then build a room around that accessory. For example, I spotted a fabulous silk scarf while I was on an online shopping binge the other day and spent nearly my entire lunch hour walk yesterday thinking of how I could frame it and then decorate an entire living room incorporating the scarf. Just in case you were wondering, it would be totally spectacular :)
I think it's always fun to have space in your day for creative musings and even if it's playing interior decorator with a silk scarf, so be it. Clearly I wasn't that far off in my idea of wall art, as these fantastic interiors all incorporate framed scarves! 

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