Friday, September 18, 2015

fizzy drinks

I'll have a glass of sparkling water, please.
Since graduating from college I have cut back on drinking way, way, way much; to the extent where having a drink is a very rare occasion for me. There were a number of reasons that prompted me to cut back/eliminate drinking - no longer was I in a super social atmosphere, most of my weekend days and mornings were busy with work at the boutique, yoga, running groups and mass, and after awhile, when your tolerance goes way low, you just don't like it that much anymore (at least in my case).
If truth be told, indulging in cookies & cream ice cream is more up my alley than a glass of wine...but to each their own. 
One of my struggles (that I am still working on) with this 'no drinking,' is feeling a little lame when I go out for dinner or drinks because I just have a glass of water. I haven't had soda in years and am not a coffee nor tea drinker since caffeine makes me wired and tea is even worse than coffee in staining your teeth. While I was fine with drinking my H20, I wondered if it was just a tad boring.
This spring, my Grandpa cut back on drinking alcohol and has substituted with tonic water & lime or San Pellegrino. I have started doing the same -most of the times bars don't even charge you, especially when tonic or soda water on tap is all that's available in the sparkling beverage department. I have been ordering sparkling water with a citrus wedge -usually orange - and squeeze and stir in my fizzy drink and it's been divine! I am still figuring out the beverage thing, but for now my little sparking cocktail has been just grand.
While my Italian fizzy water combo is a good go-to for now, I think I'll always be okay with an excuse to click champagne glasses and sip the bubbly :)

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