Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taylor's music video style

If I come back in another life, I'd like to come back as Taylor Swift. Even if it was only for a day and I was limited to the wardrobe from just one of her music videos, I'd still want to be Taylor. 
It's only been in the past few months - actually since Blank Space premiered last fall - that I've had this resounding appreciation and admiration for the global superstar.
I was one of those "Taylor haters" for awhile, I know, I know - shame on me. Honestly, I thought she was a bit of a nut/crazy lady with all of her dating escapades and seemingly emotional roller coaster ride of a life.  And then she came out with Blank Space and shut me up. She produced the most beautiful music video (trumping any fashion week I've ever seen) and the song was about all of the stereotypes people like me had about her and it was fabulous - utter genius.
In the past few months, I have gone back and listened to most of her earlier songs, I will even put on her past concerts that have been shared on YouTube to listen to when I'm at work. I feel like she empowers, literally changes the world, when she produces her music. I listen to her lyrics and it makes me want to write music. I'd love to be able to capture my experiences and emotions with the verbal, artistic expertise that she masters time and time again. She truly has a gift.
Taylor acknowledges the fantasies and day dreams; the aches and pains; the embarrassing moments and the every day joys. She connects with her fans unlike most other performers because her music empathizes with listeners; she lets us know it's okay to experience emotions. And with that, Taylor's songs professes an understanding/appreciation that every moment of life exists for a reason, whether a breakup, makeup or total daydream, she encourages us to see life as an opportunity where we treasure heartfelt memories or recognize that new beginnings build stronger, better tomorrows. 
I mean really, whoever knew a break-up with Harry Styles could prompt so much happily ever after?!
Since I am a style blogger - I felt like it was only fitting to select some of the most dynamic looks she has sported in her 1989 music videos, including Wildest Dreams which was just released Sunday. 
It's totally fabulous. I have some of my favorite outfits from both Wildest Dreams and Blank Space below. Feel free to watch the music videos as well :) 
Oh and just so you know - I am actually seeing her perform in Columbus this months (eek!) and I literally can't wait. 

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