Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspiration from Chelsea

"And you sort of want to dance, and you sort of want to go home, and you sort of don't know what you want. So you hang around, a fading rose in an exquisitely detailed dress, waiting to see what might happen."
-Wendy Wasserstein

A very close friend of mine, Chelsea, shared this quote with me earlier this week and I thought it was one of the most beautiful quotes I had ever heard. I think I love it so much, because I can relate to the feeling. There are many nights out and about on the college scene where I share similar sentiments with the speaker. I stand there, in my outfit of the evening, wanting to dance, wanting to leave...but I choose to wait, fading in the night, to see what might happen. 

The theme of this week is celebrating the blog-o-sphere! As you have noticed, the past three days I have featured style bloggers who have shared their holiday gift guides. 
Today, I am sharing Chelsea's tumblr Scare Me
Chelsea challenges herself to do one thing every day that scares her and documents such experiences and other little thoughts daily on her tumblr.

She is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and has the most thoughtful quotes and pictures on her blog! Please check it out !!


  1. Very cool idea for a Tumblr and such a great way for one to challenge themselves. I'm off to check it out! xo

  2. i'll definitely need to check out her tumblr. what a great quote and gorgeous picture.

  3. I love this quote, Clare. I'd never heard it before- thank you for sharing. I agree with you; this describes me on so many nights while out perfectly. Hope you're enjoying the holidays xoxo


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