Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrapping the Presents!

Gift wrapping ideas from Martha Stewart!
Here are my favorites:

Dress packages in candy stripes for a sweet presentation. Use double-sided tape to secure the end of a length of ribbon to the bottom of a wrapped package. Wind around box, spacing stripes evenly; thread a tag through the free end of the ribbon. Finish by affixing ribbon underneath the box with double-sided tape. Repeat with ribbons in different widths or colors.
Several boxes are stacked and tied up in two giant ribbons. Each box is wrapped first in colored tissue paper, then frosted over with a sheet of glassine, available by the sheet or roll from archival-supply houses.
These crepe-paper wraps, inspired by amaryllis petals, can dress up the pots of any plants you give as presents.
Assign each family member a different color paper, and you won't even need gift tags. This is a fun way for everyone to identify his or her presents.
Bright stripes revive even your lamest wrap attempt much better than a sad pile of scissor-curled ribbon. Use fluorescent artist's tape or plastic lacing (that stuff you braided into key chains during recess as a kid). Colors really sizzle when they're contrasted against paper in a rich, muted shade, like brown or mustard, or a more organic texture, such as a marbled pattern (top right). Tiny cards with matching envelopes make nice gift tags, or you can multipurpose some mini sticky notes for a neat postmodern touch.

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  1. Oh, I love the bright stripes and color coding idea! I have already wrapped all my presents for this year, but I plan to stock up after this weekend for next year's wrapping, so this gives me some great inspiration. Thanks! :)

  2. So inspirational! I still have a few left to wrap.... let's hope it doesn't take too long!

    XX Kathryn

  3. Love the bright stripes idea! Will def have to try that this year!

  4. Gorgeous inspiration! Love all of these pretty presents! xo


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