Friday, December 30, 2011

The biggest party of the Year!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! As promised, I have returned in time to provide you with inspirations for this celebratory evening. My family and I enjoyed a wonderful trip visiting my Dad's side of the family in DC for a couple of days and then escaping for the last half of the week to the Savage River Lounge for an incredibly relaxing few days. With no technology and cabin-style living (class A wood cabins nonetheless) we were able to have bonding time with each other and the beautiful natural surroundings.The slight dusting of snow along the trails was a perfect touch. 

Enough of my travels, here we are off to find inspiration for New Year's Eve! I hope 2011 brought much joy and happiness to all of you, even though life brings difficulties and challenges, the start of a new day...a new year provides much hope for success and promise for good things to happen! As we close this year, let's do so on a happy note. There is no excuse to relish in the past year's sorrows or enter into the winter blues, where will that get you? So whether or not you are staying in with a friend or loved one or partying out on the town...have a glass of champagne (and PLEASE in a champagne flute, be festive people!), make a wish or two, and cherish the night of sparkles, thrill, and celebration for new beginnings!

My NYE inspiration outfit, check out the other sparkly creations on {long distance loving}
New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!!

Also, I am trying to reach 200 Facebook fans by the New Year! I only have a few more left to go. If you haven't done so already, like the Twirling Clare page


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  1. Happy NYE! YAY for 2012. You are so right- a new year brings a new chance to get it right, have a fresh start, and dwell in possibility.

    Have fun celebrating!




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