Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ornament Necklace

When I was home for Thanksgiving break, I spent a couple of days working in the boutique store Alligator Purse. Their window decorations included tinsel hanging from the ceiling and mannequins wearing ornament necklaces. The boutique manager bought colorful Christmas ornaments and strung them as necklaces and put them over the mannequin's looked so festive and fabulous!

I decided I wanted to try it, so my mom went to Michael's Art & Crafts and bought several packs of colorful and glitter-filled ornaments in pink, green, blue, and purple. I strung the ornaments together on jewelry string (you could use fishing line as well), added a clasp, and voilà! A couple of my friends had birthday celebrations this past weekend and I celebrated with my ornament necklace!

An easy DIY project and a perfect way to add color to the holidays!

Here are a couple of pictures below:

Me and my friend Emily of Simply Southern (she'll be guest posting on Tuesday, be sure to check back then!)


  1. That is such a fun necklace - so very spirited! happy weekend Claire!

  2. Fabulous, but by the way it's "voilà" (not "wala"), it's French which is a contraction of vois là (literally, "see there").


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