Monday, March 18, 2013


Fresh and ready for spring! Are the flowers about to bloom where you are? I can't wait for the spring green to be on the landscape palette.
Topiaries can be great interior decorations, especially as we freshen up our homes for spring.
Find a cute pot that is suitable for your interior space. Stuff with styrofoam and cover with moss.
Once the base is secured, use sticks (the height can vary) as support and turn the top of the stick into a microphone like shape by purchasing a green styrofoam which tends to absorb more water, letting the topiary last longer. 
Once the shape is made, cut fresh greens (boxwoods tend to be the most popular) and arrange as an all green display or add a pop of color with ribbons or berries; your choice. 
You can also find pre-made topiary stands, especially this time of the year. 
Happy crafting and happy spring! 

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