Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tourist Tuesday

I have a collection of images which mildly reflect the weather this past week. Where it was absolutely stunning when I arrived, sun and warm weather...we fell back into a "winter rut". Nevertheless, there were still plenty of sites to see and pictures to take. 
It's hard to believe that this is my last week in Brossac...and I am almost half way through my travels.
 I am eager for my upcoming adventures. Next week, I will be posting about a weekend trip to Bordeaux & reconnecting with my dear friend Diane. 

Enjoy the images this week: Brossac, Chalais, and Aubeterre.


here is a view of brossac, i am staying just outside the city. the large building is the church, which you can see in a closer view below.

i take a walk down to the lake every afternoon 


 chalais is the closest town to brossac (aka: train station). it's about 12 km from the house and for some crazy reason...i decided to walk there and back this weekend!


the village has won several awards for being the most beautiful in all of france. the rainy weather (and my photo-taking ability) can't do it justice!

one of the oldest cathedrals in all france (and probably the world).

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