Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tourist Thursday

Sorry I am a little behind on my "Tourist Tuesday" post for the week. I was having wifi trouble...but at least I made it in time to keep the alliteration!

I completed my time at La Giraurdiere by traveling to a couple of the towns in the nearby Charente area. They were so charming and a lot of them were preparing for the upcoming summer season which kicks off in the next couple of weeks. I also saw even more of Brossac than I had ever intended as I accidentally got lost during one of my walks and ended up walking a marathon. To save your toes, trust me and confirm your walking route before you trek out! Although, it is all an adventure :)

On Saturday I traveled to Bordeaux to meet my friend from OWU, Diane, and a collection of her friends who are also spending a year teaching in France. I had such a great time with all of them as we explored the city and celebrated a birthday. I ended up staying in Bordeaux an extra day and night to see more of the was totally worth it!

I visited with Diane the past couple of days, I will post pictures of Millau next week with my photos from Toulouse and Seville. I am in the airport about to make my way for Semana Santa in Seville!!

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Blaye is a small town known for its wine (you might have heard Cotes de Blaye?), but filled with history. In the center of Blaye there is an ancient fort which was used as a military armory, but also to house political, military, and royal leaders signifying protection and prestige. The massive walls make the space intimidating, until you set foot inside. Shockingly, there is a bustling village with hotels, restaurants, shops, and homes inside. There are stunning views of the water and the town below. It is popular in the summer not only for tourists, but many locals who enjoy camping in the park space. 

We stopped by a town called Pons. It has an interesting history surrounding the ancient site used to house prisoners. The Kings, on occasion, would take leisure breaks from Paris and Versailles (the mundane dose of reality) and come to visit the prisoners for entertainment. I loved walking around the you can see from the picture below it is quite an impressive structure. At the base of the hill there was a beautiful stream, almost like out of a fairy tale. 

We visited Royan, located on the coast. We missed the start of the season by just a couple of days, as most of the restaurants said they were opening 23 March. Nevertheless, it was beautiful to be by the water and a very enjoyable trip!

On my "marathon day" I stopped by the neighborhood chateau.

My visit to Bordeaux was spectacular. I had so much fun with the group and loved being in a vibrant city. As nice as the countryside was, I needed a cultural fix...ASAP. Bordeaux was the perfect transition to my journey and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in traveling to France. Also, Bordeaux is known for their fantastic red and rose wines; so next time you're wine shopping...taste a little of my travels!

birthday girl!

I will most likely be retiring the bean boots and windbreakers as seen at the top. Bidding farewell to the countryside means I am shifting into my French chic stage (or so I'd like to think)...

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  1. Great to have you visit, Clare! I forgot to comment on this post a few months I will now. --Diane

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