Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tourist Tuesday

Hello everyone! I am so excited to show you my pictures for the past week. I am residing at La Girauderie in Brossac, France. It's an old french farm manor house wpurchased a little over 15 years ago by a group of english men, interested in the restoration project.
I have been staying here with Paul, the owner, and Kathleen who is also visiting. Both are from England and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. 
Last week was phenomenal weather, unfortunately this week doesn't appear to be as nice. I have been working on the garden and some organization projects in the library and office space. 
I was able to visit Angloueme, the jewel of France. We drove (about an hour away) Friday morning to spend a few hours traveling around the city. 
On Saturday, I traveled to Lourdes, where I stayed through Monday. I was able to visit the Grotto and the religious areas, as well as explore the historical spots like the defensive armory built above the city. Probably my favorite adventure was a hike I took Sunday up the Pic du Jer. I loved being outside and the view, which you'll be able to see below, was fantastic. 

apartment #2

a snapshot of the front of the house.

taking a walk with Sid.


a little dinner party on friday with the neighbors

waiting for the train


how AMAZING is this view??

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  1. Ohh, Clare, these are gorgeous!! My college actually has a replica of the Grotto of Lourdes on campus, and I've always dreamed of visiting the real site, so your photos from there seem so special to me. I know it's France, but some of these images have me wanting to watch The Sound of Music!


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