Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wishful Wednesday: Locus of Style

clare dreaming vacay
Bikini Top//Sunglasses//Bottom//Dress

A few weeks ago my girl friends and I went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico, and I fell in love! The trip consisted of the pool, the beach way to many bahama mamas and a whole bottle of Burts Bees After Sun. Per usual I over packed, but I what I did not pack were these four summer trends I am in serious need of! Eyelet just screams summer and I have a weak spot of white eyelet, I feel the two were made for each other! To go along with a cute bikini top is the perfect bottom, I saw a girl on the beach in Mexico wearing a super high waisted black bottom with a floral top and it could not have been cuter! Ray Ban has always made these mirrored sunnies but the trend is having a come back this season and it's something that everyone can pull off! Many over think cover ups- they can literally be any dress or tunic in your closet! There is no need to buy something specific to be a cover up, most dresses can double as a cover up and the simpler the material the better!


  1. Thanks so much for having me!
    Hope you ar enjoying France!!

  2. Love the eyelet top. I just bought those mirrored Ray Bans - when I was in Playa del Carmen a few weeks ago! They are a great investment.



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