Thursday, June 27, 2013

City Chic in London

I am so happy to have Alice, a blog-o-sphere friend, back on the blog today. She wrote a great post last month on the maxi dress as once again being the look of the summer. Now, she gives us some tips on how all the girls across the pond stay chic and stylish in the heat. 


Chic in the city
If you walk down the streets of London you will be blind sighted by beautiful women wearing elegant clothing, which looks fantastic with their glossy hair and stylish accessories.
But the question which I always ask myself, how do these women manage to look so good?
Mollie King from the Saturdays is my ultimate idol in regards to her fantastic taste in clothes and stylish appearance. But what you see from Mollie's clothing is ultimately things the normal girl can go and buy from the high street.
Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, and in Mollie's case, her outfits are predominantly high street based, making her the ultimate chic in the city.

A pair of stylish sunglasses, a cute bag and a pair of on trend pumps or sandals immediately creates an illusion that you have the fashionable edge, and luckily for us girls, these can be worn with almost anything! I have always been a big fan of accessories as they can completely change the look of one outfit, and turn it into something completely different. A great example is the belt which Mollie King is wearing in this photo, (below) the belt matches with the shoes and bag, and ultimately ties the whole piece together.

Just remember it doesn’t need to cost to be on trend, the important thing to know is how to accessorize correctly and you will be a style queen in no time.
For more of Mollie's style, visit the Quiz clothing blog 

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