Monday, June 10, 2013

piano man

This weekend I started reading, The Gershwins and Me by Michael Feinstein. A much loved admirer captures the life, talent, and songs of one of music's greatest duos. Feinstein writes that very few pianists had the natural talent of George Gershwin. Yes, there are so many famous pianists...but George had a swiftness, "an ease that was maddening to his contemporaries...his creation was more organic than many and he had the rare gift of musical assurance and knowing when something was right". He was not only a musician who worked faster than his brother (Ira) could write the words, but he could nail a melody in one try! His sixth sense introduced a completely new wave in music and with the combination of Ira's lyrics, it combined history with contemporary vibes...still impacting the musical world today. Needless to say, the book on my nightstand has truly cast my inspiration for the day!

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