Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vivian Maier

The secret photographer of the streets. 

Maier, born in the United States and raised in France, was a quiet, private, and fascinatingly deceptive character. In the early 1950s, Maier returned to the United States where she began photographing people throughout the streets of New York. After a couple of years, she moved west, to Chicago. In the mid-western capital, she spent many years as a nanny. She spent her free moments and leisure time exploring the streets, snapping photo after photo. Her hobby and talent were never known by her friends and close companions until a discovery in 2007. 
Maier fell into financial hardship, prompting the children who she cared for, to return the favor. The children chipped together to give their beloved nanny an apartment, caring for her up through her final days. In 2007, a storage locker of Maier's was auctioned off, since she had been delinquent in payments. Inside the locker was a vast and timeless collection of her film negatives. Over five decades of work (100,000 negatives) have been treated as national treasure. Her photographs are being archived and shared with the rest of the world, as they capture and portray both a raw and authentic reflection of the 20th century.

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