Friday, June 7, 2013

Tony Time!

The Tony Awards have always been my favorite out of the "top tier" award shows. Maybe it's the theatre minor in me, but I have so much fun watching the annual gala. How can you not love the entertainment with singing, acting, and performing? It's like I am going to a Broadway show taking place in my living room! This year has proven to be a strong one in the performing arts world and Neil Patrick Harris will once again take the ropes in recognizing theatre's greats this Sunday evening. 
Will you be watching??

Visit the New York Times' Tony Ballot for more information on the nominees and a ballot for you to predict the winners in each category. 


If you haven't really kept up on what's been happening on Broadway this past year...all you need to know if children were the inspiration this year! Some of the top works up for awards include: Matilda, CinderellaA Christmas Story, and Bring It On. 
Aside from the childhood delights, Cindy Lauper's compositions appear in Kinky Boots, which has been a shocking hit.

Skim through some of these articles in the New York Times to give you more background info!

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