Friday, July 26, 2013

country summer

To me, few things say summer better than country music. When I was driving with my dad the other day, a country music station was on the radio. He asked me if I listened to country music and I responded, "only in the summer". For some reason, as the temps heat up, nothing sounds sweeter to my ears than the country music! I could listen to the tunes for hours and I have to admit that I am quite envious of the whiskey sipping, truck bed dancing, fire-fly lit summer nights.
Even if I won't be weaving on a country road in a old ford pick-up drinking leaves me envisioning a pure, carefree, and perfect picture of summer evenings in the country south.
As the weekend kicks off and if thumbing your way down to North Carolina doesn't seem to meet the itinerary, let this playlist give you a little southern exposure and escape to those dream-worthy summer nights.

Here are my favorite songs this summer:

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