Tuesday, July 30, 2013

melon burst

The weather the past few days has been simply miraculous! The cooler temps have been divine and brought me back to some "spring" color inspirations. As our dinners have been filled with honeydews, watermelons and fruits galore....I was inspired by the color scheme AND the wonderful weather to create a summer does spring look. 
Look polished for work and beyond, take a spin at an upcoming wedding, or stun the crowd at mass (you totally deserve brunch after), needless to say, this outfit has all the bases covered. 
Hope you have a fabulous day, toodles!

PS-totally just treated myself to the repettos featured below (joys of working at a boutique!)

Shop the look below:

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  1. Beautiful colours! Love the clutch :)

  2. These colors are amazing! And you can never go wrong with pearls. I've been loving the cooler temperatures too. :) Blessings to you, Hun! xo

  3. What a stunning color combo and I love accents too! xx


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