Monday, August 19, 2013


A much as I love Instagram to stay posted about my friend's adventures, I also love it to see breathtaking pictures and get a splash of creative inspirations! I follow accounts ranging from Patagonia to National Geographic, Veranda to L.L.Bean, in addition to my favorite designers. I always enjoy when I come across a new account and donaldrawbertson is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The artist has a knack and fetish for illustrating the likes of design, flamingos, fashion, giraffes, haute couture, and high class. Take a look at some of my favorite illustrations below! 
In addition to his whimsically delightful artwork, he captures other quirky and inspirational elements of his daily life. 
If you're looking for a change to your insta-newsfeed, I would totally recommend this account!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and keep the creative energy alive this week :)

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