Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving party skirts

Mrs. Lilien is a regal figure in the blogging world with her playful and cocktail party-centric character. Her blog posts are filled with whimsical interpretations of modern mad-men esque parties with mixed drinks, party gowns, and the right amount of glamour. If the muse couldn't be anymore enjoyable, she writes her blog posts in rhyme. It's absolutely, charmingly, wonderful. 
She starred in a duet photo shoot with Miss Wood for a Thanksgiving affair. Pulling the perfect fall shades in a Palm Springs flair, the two look lovely. 
Even though it's bitter cold in the rest of the nation today (I had to pull out my winter parka), hopefully this color spurt adds a little bit of sunshine to your day!
What are you wearing this Thanksgiving?
Happy Monday, toodles!

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