Monday, June 16, 2014

A Day in Heels

A day in heels seems literally impossible. Yes, even if they were red soled. I purchased a pair of beautiful J.Crew Etta pumps last year, adorable red, white, and navy beaded heels. I have worn them twice - and it's been an utter joke both times I've worn them. To the extent that some security guard seriously got quite a kick out of watching this girl shuffle and wobble as she walked across his camera screen...
I am known for the occasional trip and spill, which makes flats the best option for my "imbalance curse." That said, I do like growing an extra three (or four) inches every so often...and that's when my favorite wedges come out to play! So, when I feel like teetering above my companions, I have found wedges to provide the best surface-area ratio, making my slightly aloof walking patterns slightly more contained.
In better news, my mom swears that removing my wisdom teeth last summer has greatly helped with my balance factor. Since I only had three wisdom teeth, there could, perhaps, be some truth to that!
Anyways, for those who are basically catwalk experts in their sky high pumps, or for those aspiring to be true city chic icons from head to toe - you must watch this video!
Filmed over Paris Fashion Week, fashion blogger Garance documents her day spent in heels.
Why does it look so effortless for some people? Ugh. For now I'll just be donning my Saturday evening wedges when the outfit deems worthy, or, more often than not, spend my time frolicking in espadrilles....Who's with me?


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