Monday, June 30, 2014

mix-matched moments

These pictures seem to capture my state of mind perfectly. Dozens of eclectic and whimsical chairs arranged, waiting to be filled with people and/or activities that are just as interesting and festive. 
I have found life lately to be  a constant search between the extrovert or introvert psychology. As much as I desire one, I seem to find equal comfort and peace with the other. I classify under both personality types - meaning I am energized by spending time alone and by being around others. Basically, I am a social butterfly who likes doing her own thing. 
I think it's a pretty winning combination, but I may be biased :) 
At this point, the pre-party set-up is exactly how I feel things are right now. There is no denying it's a beautiful view with all things aligned for a fabulous party, but there's  a calm and serene moment before the chatter, dancing, and celebration. 
Is it lonely? Sometimes. Is it desirable? Sometimes. 
I think, more than anything, it's just acknowledging and making the time for introspect. 

And so, for those quiet moments...

"Proper idleness is the soul's home base. Before we plan or love or decide or act or storytell, we are idle. Before we learn, we watch. Before we do, we dream. Before we play, we imagine...
I'm convinced that time spent idle makes for a healthier state of mind. We want less and are more at peace when we get it. We sleep better and work harder. Simpler things bring us joy. When we daily observe our immediate surroundings, we are more grounded in our context, more attuned to the rhythms of whatever season or place we are in... 
Plus, the changing shapes of clouds need our attention."

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