Monday, June 2, 2014

the white sheath

Nothing says summer better than a simple sheath dress, especially in white. 
My cousin is graduating from eighth grade tonight and all the girls wear white dresses, a Catholic school tradition. I still have my white dress from my eighth grade graduation, and miraculously - it fits! My wonderful mom sews and made some adjustments to the dress when I was in high school, but it's always excitng to rediscover old favorites that fit again! Now that I have a new item to outfit plan with, I have pulled it out of my closet a number of times to test different looks.
**Confession - when I can't sleep, I play dress up in my closet...
It is such a great staple for a classic summer wardrobe and I love the flexibility of wearing it with different colors and accessories. Today I am wearing it with a navy blazer, blue and white checked shoes with a big navy flower, and a white "Velma Flintstone" necklace. 
With a change in accessories - I can have a totally new look as well. The LBD looks so much better as the LWD with a golden glow and the summer sun! It's such a timeless look that will work for a multitude of occasions. I totally recommend investing in one yourself - stick with a classic and structured style that will last for years to come! 
Hope you have a fabulous week, toodles!

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