Monday, June 23, 2014

the leopard clutch

Most of you may know that I work at a boutique a couple of weekends a month. It's the perfect gig. I have to admit that working in an office of 3 can be a bit challenging for my extrovert side, I miss the social nature of college. Working at Alligator Purse lets me continue to develop my social skills by interacting with the customers, but also gives me the perfect fashion fix. I am really grateful for my Alligator Purse crew!
Now that the background has been set... 
Last week, we received the first wave of "pre-fall" shipments. You read correctly, we received pre-fall merchandise before the summer solstice. One of the shipments was from Clare Vivier which included her iconic foldover clutches and a collection of new totes. One of the new arrivals was the leopard clutch
I have featured this clutch in my outfit post designs at least a half-dozen times and when I went in to update the Twirling Clare dream closet this weekend, I saw that I had the leopard clutch included not once, not twice, but three times. When I saw the purse at the boutique on Saturday, I squealed and put it on hold behind the counter - before I even unlocked the door. 
That afternoon, a customer came in and noticed the clutch behind the desk. She fell in love with it and was totally bummed that there weren't any more available. So, I made the generous decision and told her it was just on reserve for me and she could buy it if she wanted to. 
Well, of course she wanted to buy it. 
Hmph. Being nice can be a pain sometimes. On the bright side, I guess it validates that I have good taste since all three of the clutches the boutique ordered were sold in a day or two... :)
There's always a chance we'll order more into Alligator Purse, and if not, I could probably buy one of the three options in my Twirling Clare store
Oh, and if the bag wasn't cute enough...she even spells Clare the right way!
Happy Monday, Toodles!!

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