Friday, July 22, 2011

great danes

I have never been much of an animal person. I did not dream of being a vet. Nor read book after book on horses. I never had much interest in going to the zoo. And we never had any pets, save for some gold fish... and my little brother. My mom told us that we didn't need a dog, we had Henry.
However, this past year I changed a bit in my 'animal demeanor', primarily to dogs. In the fall I began walking a Great Dane named Dexter with my friend Kelliann. We would go a couple times a week and I always had a wonderful time. Dexter, pictured below, is over 160 lbs and around 6'5 when standing (as you can see, he doesn't even need a doggie water fountain!)
 As we paraded him around campus we always had students saying "I'll give you ten bucks to ride the horse". I would usually walk besides Kelli while she held the leash, my coordination isn't always top I was the companion. Dexter's Dad, Tony, graduated in May and as he travels to begin the next part of his life...Dexter will be joining him on the adventure as well. I'll miss my big Dex, but walking days aren't over! Kelliann got a beautiful Great Dane for her birthday, Matilda (Tily), and I will be able to meet my new walking buddy in a couple of weeks when I go to visit them in Philly...and then we'll be at school soon too! A picture of puppy Tily is at the bottom with her big sis, Lucy.

No matter what kind of dog is your favorite, big, small, or Great Dane huge, dogs can be such a great source of happiness and I want to share some of the doggie love with a few pictures of Great Danes in style!



  1. I could not agree more!

  2. I'm thankful for mine as well. I can't imagine life without my furry friends.Your dogs are absolutely beautiful.


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