Sunday, July 31, 2011

streamers everywhere!

Last week I assisted the store manager with a new window display for Alligator Purse! While Blaire was in New York last month, making runs to the different show rooms to purchase Fall 3, Holiday, and Resort Wear for the end of the year...she did some boutique browsing as well. While wandering the city streets she was inspired by the window displays in the Kate Spade store (what a shock) and decided to try it out for Alligator Purse in Hyde Park! The Kate Spade store had streamers hanging from the top of their window to the ground...they draped them back to make curtains...and that was our original plan, until we saw how amazing they looked as a screen!

We had a collection of new black and purple Milly dresses in the window, and with the pink and red streamers in the black was SUCH a great look. Just the pop of color we needed (and we got a little privacy as well!) The project took a couple of days and no child of mine will ever have streamers at their birthday celebration...not sure if I could ever love them that much to do such a craft again!! But it was fun to put everything together...and we have received many compliments on the windows! 

The pictures I took didn't turn out that I will just dedicate today's inspiration to streamer decoration and you can envision the Alligator Purse windows in all of their glory!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Toodles!

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