Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the kaftan

The kaftan (caftan) is an exotic style trend recently embraced by the fashion world as fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Trina Turk, and more have been inspired by the exotic, traditional 'middle eastern' outfit. Kaftans have been a wardrobe staple for men and women for centuries in areas ranging from Africa to the Middle East to Russia rituals. It still remains a standard style of dress throughou the world, but also graces the likes of women now a days attempting to dress either tribal/boho chic, or Moroccan fab. The dress, originally worn by men amongst the Turkish empire varied in style and colors. The kaftans were both practical and detailed, provided reasonable coverage as well as cool material for the hot desert climate. In addition, each kaftan was made with different colors and material to represent the variety of classes, as the culture was strictly hierarchical. There are different styles of historical kaftans ranging from Russian, Moroccan, West African, and a South Asian batik kaftan.

Recently passed glamorous movie star, Elizabeth Taylor, mainstreamed and glorified the kaftan as a fashionable and dreamy look. Taylor, looking flawless in whatever she more, was a favorite to the exotic look the kaftan provided and sported the look throughout her hey-day years.

The kafta is loose and flowly, yet incredibly figure flattering. Its light fabric oozes of summer ease and equally romantic beach-y adventures. It is a look worn plain, either used simply as a dress, but can also be paired with leggings or white jeans. Most of these provide a variety of lengths and cuts for you to find what is both most comfortable and flattering on you!

For some tribal, resort summer loving of your own!
1. Milly print kaftan dress $290
2. Elizabeth and James Phoebe jersey kaftan dress $365
3. camilla Marajo Short lace up kaftan $499
4. Kaftan Kea Blue Silk $230
5. Kaftan h&m $16
6. Emamo Lux flamingo-print silk-chiffon kaftan $665

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