Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm loving now

As a little kick off to July...

Here's what I'm loving now!

This summer I became a country music fan. This is my current fav, hope all of you have a "barefoot blue jean summer night!"

red toes!

yummy and refreshing summer drinks in a variety of flavors ranging from clementine to blueberry. Plus the labels are super cool (for all of the graphic designers out there!)

FABULOUS beach hats from kerry's cruise hats. My mom bought one a couple of years ago when she was traveling in Sonoma. This hat is my favorite. Greeen with pink flowers and pink and white big checks...hats can be worn either way, so two in one! check out the website!

Our family had traveled to Northern Michigan for years and years. The above paintings are done by a local artist. I find the colors to be beautiful and she has talents in painting both the whimsical view as well as a more detailed oil painting. She has a studio in Harbor Springs and has also written and illustrated a couple of children's books. Check out, Hramiec Hoffman

The magic of honey! I have been using honey on my face for the past couple of weeks as a natural cleanser and it is working wonders! get a little jar of honey to put on your vanity, dab honey onto a cue tip and apply it to any blemishes or breakout on your skin. I do this before I go to bed. The downside is it can be a little sticky on your pillows (I suggest sleeping face-up) and it can get in your hair. However, those that shower in the should prevent no problems. And I might be incorrect in this suggestion, but I think the honey has highlighted my hair a bit too! I suggest you try out the natural remedy, just to see what yout think!

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  1. What great things to kick off July! I love "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"!



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