Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Post from Lisa and Laura at Style Villa

I am so excited to share Lisa and Laura's summer bash pictures! I have connected with the Style Villa sisters over the summer (the wonders of technology) and am blessed to have them as part of the blogging family. I hope you enjoy their post today as much as I do!

On this beautiful summer day, Style Villa is beaming with excitement as we collaborate with Twirling Clare.
Lisa & Laura, the Villa girls, are honoured to have you join them, poolside for a much needed escape and an exceptional dose of style.
and savor in some luxury lounging the way Style Villa does it best.

Today, our inspiration was drawn from the simplicity and chicness of the pairing of black and white. We do adore color, and lots of it, but sometimes a calmer tone is due.
We find ourselves inspired by the many pictures floating the web these days. They serve as a starting point and from there, our creativity and passion for style take flight.

As my sister Laura, has always been a chef at heart, the menu's tend to be created and perfected by her. Design, on the other hand, is more my beaming passion. I find so much joy in setting things up to look and feel like sheer perfection. Together we shape a perfect balance.
Laura's Touches...
                Cucumber flavored water (adds a unique zest to each sip)
                Cucumber cupcakes (sliced cucumbers topped with veggie dip and a mini shred of orange zest)
                Rustic country style bread dressed with fresh garden tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, and modestly drizzled in her favorite balsamic vinaigrette.
                Old school brown paper bags stuffed with yummy white marshmallows (culminated into lollipops)
                and lets not forget the alcohol...pre-mixed small cans of jack daniel's and lemonade. (I can vouch for them, delicious!)

Lisa's Touches...
                Everything revolved around my favorite centrepiece, the ultra chic ultra modern, Buxus plant.
                A great black table cloth to add some glam outdoors
                Nouveau stemless wine glasses for drinks
                a rolling rack with white wood hangers to individually hold your puffy white towels (all we're missing is a pool boy to escort us out lol)
Time to get dressed...
We both agree a summer hat, big or small, is a must-have accessory. As for the rest...anything flowy and free. Laura always loves her maxi dresses while Lisa is obsessed with anything white.

Thanks for lounging with us and hope we shed a touch of fabulous to your day.
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  1. love an all black and white fete! looks so "My Fair Lady!"


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