Tuesday, July 19, 2011

turquoise neckwear

I think turquoise is such a fabulous color and is such a great look as a statement necklace. I have two turquoise necklaces that I love to wear, and have been sporting them multiple times over the summer months. The first necklace is big turquoise stones (more of a blue tone) with black accents in between the beading pattern. I am a bit of a craft nut and last summer made the necklace! It is tight around the neck, but very chic and the black beads separating the stones looks great...and definitely dresses up any outfit. The second necklace I have is a greener turquoise with gold accent beads. This is double stranded and also lays higher up on the neckline. (I am a big fan of big colorful statement necklaces!) I received this one from my roommate for my birthday and I love to dress it up or down. Turquoise does well with classic black and white.
One of my favorite simple outfits with the necklace is: black leggings, oversized white blouse, a turquoise necklace, gold bracelets, and simple flats.
Other colors that work great with turquoise are bright pinks and orange!

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