Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bracelet sleeves

"We never say that a sleeve is 3/4 length, it must always be referred to as a bracelet sleeve".

I am a huge fan of bracelets, I wear them all the time! I have recently become a fan of cropped sleeves in jackets. So often these are referred to as 3/4 length sleeves. I am neither a supporter of such a generic label nor using measurement terms...so I have developed a new title, the bracelet sleeve. The length is perfect for showing a little bit of skin (your delicate wrists) adorned with the glittery and shinning bracelets of your choice! Nothing is more festive than a dress coat with bracelet sleeves, showing off your colorful bangles! If the weather is a bit nippy, no worries...more reason to sport your pair of colorful leather gloves!


  1. I like your term! Very cute. I love this jacket as well- so very chic.



  2. I so agree with this! All of my 'non-bracelet' tops I end up rolling up to 'bracelet sleeve' level anyways!

    xoxo Kathryn


  3. I love that term! I'm a huge fan of fun, big bracelets!!

  4. I have a few coats with sleeves like this actually. love it!


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