Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Need the time?

My aunt got me a Slap Watch for Christmas and I've been sporting it the past couple of weeks, it is fabulous!
It functions just like those slap bracelets that were popular a couple of decades ago, but this time it has an added feature...a time piece! I had never heard of them before I received it last month, but I must have just been out-of-the-loop because they are quite the must have.
 Have you heard of the accessory trend??

The best thing about slap watches is that the bands are all interchangable! Simply pop out the watch face and choose your favorite color of the day to sport on your wrist!

I have the zebra stripe, with the pink face...I feel so trendy wearing it around :) I love that face and am thinking of buying a solid white band to go with it, for now the tribal look is doing just fine!

Click HERE to buy your own slap watch!


  1. Hi Clare! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The snowman made out of milk jugs was so cool in person. It took them 25 hours to do. It was such a great idea. I am loving those slap watches. How fun and they come in some great colors.

  2. love the mint green (of course!)

  3. Oh my cousin received one of these for Christmas and I was playing with it the entire day, haha. They're fun but still so chic, love it! xx

  4. Oh my god, Slap Sticks were totally the thing when I was a kid! I think I had one in every color and wore them like stacked bangles. Too funny these have come back!!

  5. How FUN! They remind me of slap bracelets as a kid mixed with a swatch! :) Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  6. Thanks so much for your comment, I'm glad you stopped by.
    These kind of watches are not for me, but I think it can be fun. I used to have a slap bracelet as a kid. It makes me think about Swatch actually.

  7. I love these! I wear one whenever I work out!


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