Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the snood

I have always been a fan of scarves, particularly pashminas. I own over a dozen in all of the colors of the rainbow...I love, love scarves. You can NEVER have too many! 
For Christmas, I received a snood from my aunt. A snood is a variation of a neck scarf, a tubular style...without any openings, you simply lift it over your head to take it on or off (no tying required!)
The term snood has existed for centuries most commonly referred to as a hairnet, typically the color would be the closest possible to the wearer's hair color. In some cultures snoods were a wide ribbon worn in the hair of a young maiden to distinguish her marital status. 
Nowadays, snoods are a fashion trend and perfect for keeping one's neck nice and toasty for the winter months!



  1. ooo, i've been wanting a faux fur snood! these are all cute options.

  2. I am obsessed with scarves as well... only have a few snoods but love them too!


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