Thursday, September 5, 2013

At home with Ralph Lauren

One of my favorite life-stylists is featured in one of my favorite magazines! While reading Architectural Digest this weekend, (Labor Day was my summer mag catch-up time) I was treated to a wonderful feature on the American stylist who is celebrating 30 years in the Home Decor business. Ralph Lauren is one of the most successful life-style brands and it was great to take a peek at some of the namesake designer's properties. Below, you will see snap-shots of his Madison Ave office, Bedford Home (my fav) and Colorado home...including the most fabulous teepees you will ever find!

Ralph Lauren has inspired generations with his vision of classic, effortless, and powerful designs that transcend simply your wardrobe and home by truly becoming a way of life. He is the model for all aspiring life-stylists because he has been able to create his pieces in a style that best suits a life he'd love to live. His vision seems to be on par with countless others as his brand remains ever successful and he continues to inspire not only his own life, but the lives of many others as well.

   "I came at everything with a sense of how I would want to live." 
- Ralph Lauren


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