Wednesday, September 4, 2013

school days

One of my best friends heads back to the classroom today! 
Another good friend started teaching yesterday, and I have to say with both of them beginning work that they love so much (early childhood ed + art ed)
 today is the perfect day to be inspired with "back to school" and share one of the most creative spaces in the world...the art room!

I have always loved the eclectic-ness of art classrooms and remember being in awe of the art studio at my grade school. Every square inch of the walls were decorated with posters of timeless masterpieces. Cabinets were stacked with books featuring biographies of famous artists, snapshots of museums around the world, and instructional features on the many facets of the subject area. Color wheels and mobiles hung from the ceiling, paper scraps overfilled boxes and drawers, and empty coffee cans stood scattered around the room holding paint brushes sticking out in every which way. The tables had more layers of paint than I could count and we'd chip off piece by piece, only to discover another bright color below. The chalk board (of what was left uncovered) had half-erased sketches of animals, dancers, and other forms which seemed so effortless when drawn by the teacher....but were ALWAYS impossible for me to create. 
It was an absolute mess, but the most inspiring mess I have ever found. 

 Art is so important to me. I never had the raw talent, but have always held a strong appreciation for the subject matter. In fact, my blogging has been my ability to channel my own art and appreciation for the creative field. I was just recently invited to join ArtsWave's YP board, and I am so excited to begin work for the Arts in Cincinnati.  I hope to get better immersed in cultivating the arts culture.

Most importantly, I am thrilled to see how my dear friends make the world a little bit better by sharing their creative and nurturing wisdom on the world with a little bit of love and lots of imagination. 

Here's to getting lost in your own magical, creative space!

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