Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Galitzine wear

While playing magazine catch-up the other weekend, I came across a lovely article in W about Galitzine. Irene Galitzine was a Russian princess who designed silk dress suits, creating evening pants and matching tops. Her styles took off in the 1960s and she had many popular fans including Sophia Loren, Wallis Simpson, and Jackie Kennedy. Diana Vreeland referred to them as "palazzo pyjamas." The effortlessly chic style was sported best by the designer herself. Barney's New York is carrying a modern-day version of the time, attracting the stylish set, "Women are so overwhelmed with fashion, these clothes speak more about style." I couldn't agree more! I love the look.

Read below a note from Jackie Kennedy to the designer circa early 1963:

"Dear Irene, 

I was so touched at your thoughtfulness in sending me your marvelous pajamas for Christmas. Thank you so much. 
I wish you could see us down here; it's like a Convent -- Jayme, Marella, Lee and I are in uniform every night!
We will be having a party like the one you missed February 14 or 15 to say Goodbye to Eugene Black, who is leaving the World Bank. You will get an invitation soon but I so hope you can come that I thought, perhaps, if I told you now, you could plan ahead for it.
The happiest New Year to you and Syivie, and we hope to see you soon.



Read Barney's The Window to learn more about Sergio Zambon's Galitzine revival.


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