Saturday, September 21, 2013

Playing DJ: The 21st night of September!

September 21st is one of my favorite dates of all time, see HERE.
That means it's time to cue a dancing playlist!!
At the end of my college career I asked my favorite weekend spot (the local bar) if I could start playing my music. I played DJ "iTunes clicker" for three or four times and I absolutely loved it. I was able to stand up on stage, twirl around to my favorite tunes, and try to make people have just as much fun as I was! I was far from a professional DJ; I had to borrow equipment from friends and had no clue how to mix music. I relied on my iTunes library, the power of a playlist, and being the master of ceremonies by leading the crowd to a night of singing and dancing.
Every time I played Miss DJ, I came as myself. And that means...fancy party dress, my go-to festive accessories, and the best songs for twirling.

I adored reading about Upper East Side society maven, Majorie Gubelmann who has found her "ulterior identity" in DJing as well. The social butterfly used to play tunes on her college radio station and offered to DJ for a friend's party a couple of years ago. She loved it and continues to get the party started at galas across the NY social scene, in fact DJ Mad Marj is becoming a vastly growing brand. My most favorite part of her DJ package is her dress code, "I always wear a proper dress, usually Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, or Givenchy couture. Lots of jewelry." How fabulous!

Although my time turning tables is probably over, I can still make playlists!

My secret recipe for DJ success: people feel much more comfortable dancing when they can sing along, I try and play songs with words most people know. And, most importantly...lead the dance party!

Get your dancing shoes on...if I was DJing this weekend, this would be my playlist:

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