Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cincinnati Culture

I have been busy over the past couple of weeks attending a handful of phenomenal art events in Cincinnati. Joining the YP ArtsWave board has proven to be a wonderful opportunity and I have been treated to some of the most beautiful performances. I was able to go to the symphony with my parents about 10 days ago and I went to the Cincinnati Ballet last week! It is so nice to have a night out and explore the cultural arts. I have always appreciated the arts and it is great to be able and celebrate them as I begin my "professional" journey. 
The Cincinnati Ballet production was my absolute favorite and I was so entranced throughout the entire show. The Kaplan series explored contemporary dance with ballet and it was dynamic. They had a particular act that was composed to Johnny Cash music. The dancers (three men and one woman) were all wearing jeans and cowboy boots. Each dance told a different story and the dancers did a phenomenal job. It was incredibly interesting to see ballet removed from the traditional depiction and incorporating a contemporary flair. The act reminded me of a blend of Johnny + June with a twist of Ingrid Michaelson. Needless to say, I feel in LOVE with the ballet and I hope I will be able to go to more performances throughout the season.
Additionally, I am headed to an event this evening at the Malton Gallery featuring a winery and getaway destination in Washington: Chateau Ste. Michelle
The people of Cincinnati have spoken. You’ve shared Your Chateaus with us, we’ve listened and, on September 26th, you’ll get to experience Cincinnati’s My Chateau firsthand—and it’s all on us. Join us at the Malton Art Gallery for a night out with great Chateau Ste Michelle wine and the music of The Heartlanders.
"Your Chateau is that time or place during the day where you're able to become You again. Because everyone's Chateau is different, there is no generic formula to follow to get there. Which is why we want to hear about the unique parts that make up the sum of Your Chateau." Take a look at some of their tag lines below!
Keep updated on my twitter + instagram to see how the event goes! 

Here is a snapshot of my night at the Cincinnati Ballet AND a wonderful video with two dancers from the New York Ballet paying tribute the 9/11. I know they're no parallel companies, but I thought the tribute was breathtaking...and share a little ballet with you today!

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