Thursday, June 9, 2011

gold bangles

In honor of the June color of the month annoucement, a little bit of GOLD accessory inspiration for this month:

I have never been a silver jewelry person...well maybe when I was 12...for the most part I am a gold girl. I love wearing gold bracelets and I have a some staple pieces. I have a couple of fun gold braclets...a little extra bedazzlement, a gold cuff (thanks Mom) and several different bracelets that I wear stacked together. They are an assortment from my Grandmas, Mom, and personal arts and crafts projects that I compile together on my left wrist...yes I am specific! My Grammy always wore gold bracelets on her wrists (I don't think a few of them ever came off).
I love the sophistication and glamour that is associated with gold jewelry; it is a classic look that will never go out of style and always adds a bit extra to an outfit. Most of the associations with stacked gold jewelry are country club ladies and I am not denying that my wearing might be some what similar...but its mixed with a tinge of art teacher. I always make room for my drama side in my style choices !

Here are some 'updated' gold inspirations, both classic and trendy at the same time!
Decorate those wrists!


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