Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hot summer color

hot summer colors

H&M dress (orange) $48
pleated skirt skater dress (pink) $30
DKNY Ruched Crepe Dress (red) $385
Kate Spade New York Aggie (yellow) $224
Tory Burch Eddie patent leather ballerina flats (pink) $255
Kate Spade New York Florina (red) $228
date night ring (orange) $55
Johanne Mills Pink Tassel Earrings (pink) $215
Sabrina Dehoff Rope-style link bracelet (red) $155
Sun & Sand Orange Striped Straw Hat $20
Untold Skirt taffeta plain prom (pink) $60
Coral Formal Capri Trousers (orange) $76
Moschino Ruched linen-blend skirt (yellow) $800


  1. Thank you for making me feel like I need to buy a $800 yellow skirt

  2. I love all of these bright colors for summer. The assortment of pieces you chose is beautiful.



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